These nine tips will push you to build and maintain that sexy, fit body you’ve been working for.

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast!
Some of us are lucky enough to wake up hungry. For others of us, though, forcing ourselves to eat breakfast can be rough, but it is so crucial. To kickstart your metabolism every morning, eat a healthy breakfast full of complex carbs and protein.

2. Be Consistent!
Consistency is key to both building and maintaining a sexy body. Exercising at the same time every day will force you to make exercising a daily habit.

Pro tip, avoid doing ab exercises every time you are at the gym. Like every other muscle group, your core needs time to rest. Giving it this time will actually make your abs visible quicker!

3. Switch It Up
Regularly change your routine. Doing this keeps your muscles confused and growing, allowing you to quickly see physical results. Plus, continually changing your routine keeps it fresh and fun!

4. Do Circuits!
Performing exercises in circuits means doing them back-to-back with no rest between sets. This type of routine raises your heart rate and shreds fat.

5. Make Cardio a Priority
Doing thousands of situps a day and still can’t see abs? The problem is not your abs, it’s your cardio! An intense cardio workout gives you the biggest bang for your buck. It burns more calories for your time than any other workout.

6. Remember Weights
Cardio is fantastic for burning calories during a workout, but weight training is still key to maintaining a fit body. Remember, if you want to avoid larger muscles, use smaller weights! But make sure to still use weights!

7. Eat Regularly
Eat smaller portions five or six times a day. Avoiding large portions will boost your energy and increase your overall energy stability. Remember, small portions are sexy portions.

8. Diet!
Experts estimate that diet accounts for more than two-thirds of weight loss. Focus on eating lots of proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. Cut the sweets and drink only water. Boom, there you go, a perfect diet!

9. Stay Positive!
Ultimately, a positive and healthy mindset will push you to follow through with your commitment. It won’t always be easy, but your efforts will be rewarded! Continue to follow these tips and your fit body is right around the corner.