About Us

We at Bodykit Wear, want you to feel comfortable and confident with our thought-provoking, yet minimalistic and always stylish apparel. With a passion for unique designs, we craft what is inspiring and full of personality and package it conveniently for you with our “body kit” of activewear and accessories.

Whether you’re about to hit the gym, studio, outdoors or unwind, you’ll always look, and feel the part. We choose soft, breathable materials to withstand even the most vigorous of workouts to help you push through without constraint. The Bodykit mission is simple: To bring quality, functionality, and style to your everyday routine.


With the belief that a healthy, balanced kit for the body and mind should include an achievement for the spirit, we are partnering with nonprofit organizations to help support physically disabled and educationally challenged members of the community across America.

Thank you for shopping Bodykit Wear!