All fabrics have their own particular uses, here’s a look at some that are very popular for fitness.

This fabric is softer than cotton and protects against ultraviolet radiation from the sun. It repels odors and doesn’t cause allergies.

It is smooth, natural, cheap and breathable. Cotton is hypoallergenic and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin or cause allergies. The fibers are spun tightly so they do not irritate the skin or cause static electricity.

This material is waterproof and windproof, which is great for outdoor activities. GORE-TEX is composed of a polymer sheet with a multitude of pores, which are small enough to keep the water from passing through in its liquid state, but allow it to escape in its gaseous state.

It is widely used to make all types of sportswear because it offers great stretch, versatility and recovery. It absorbs the sweat and allows it to evaporate on the fabric’s surface. Nylon dries quickly, is soft and resists mildew.

This fabric is made of plastic and doesn’t get wrinkles. It is very durable, breathable, lightweight, and repels UV rays. Polyester is non-absorbent, which means that sweat will evaporate instead of staying in the material. However, one of its main problems is that it can stink, and due to it being synthetic, is prone to bacteria growth.

This is a waterproof synthetic material which is made from plastic. Polypropylene forces water to pass through the fibers and stays dry to the touch of your skin, even if the outside of the fabric is wet.

It is a synthetic fabric that is extremely elastic, stretching to almost 600 percent of its original size. It allows for a complete range of motion and returns back to its regular shape. It is breathable and dries very quickly. Spandex is well-known for its great comfort and antibacterial properties.

A strong fabric made from wood pulp, which has small fibrils that provide sweat absorption properties and an elegant texture. TENCEL is very soft, wrinkle resistant, and biodegradable.

This is great for hikers because it traps the heat and keeps their bodies warm. Wool doesn’t retain odors and it is a very breathable fabric.

This fabric contains silver, which prevents it from stinking after heavy workouts. X-STATIC doesn’t wash out, and the silver helps to prevent fungus and bacteria growth.