CrossFit Popularity

CrossFit is a highly popular that utilizes the power of a positive mindset, HIT training, gymnastics, plyometric exercise and Olympic-style weightlifting and calisthenics all rolled into an intense regimen. Here are some reasons why the CrossFit is so popular.

1. Get Amazing Results

Joining a live CrossFit class in some gyms around the country will bring an added excitement by providing a DJ controller and DJ equipment to pump in heart pounding beats while you exercise. Whether the DJ uses old school Vinyle or Digital beats, your mood will be instantly elevated to the next level.

2. The Controversy

While there are many fans of CrossFit, there is an equal amount of controversy surrounding this workout. Many who have tried CrossFit complain of inadequately trained coaches, the dogmatic method of the workouts and lack of form required to properly complete exercises which can contribute to pain and long-term issues with joints.

3. Workout in a Tribal Community

Most classes are often contained to small groups, each taking a turn at a particular station of exercise where workouts are completed in a circuit. The addition of Digital music to pump the room with excitement also adds to the ambiance and tempo of the workouts.

4. Highly Motivating Workout

Someone new to a CrossFit class may feel intimated by the presence of DJ equipment or a DJ controller that vibrates the room with the excitement of old school Vinyl beats that pump through your entire body.

5. Time Efficient

One of the great benefits of CrossFit is that a hit intensity workout can be compacted into a 20 – 30 minute sessions. Sessions can be completed with bodyweight only or may include running or high-intensity lifting, pullups and full body squats.

6. Overall Improvement to Health

CrossFit is proven to increase overall mobility of the joints, increase stamina, agility, and endurance. The average calorie burn per workout is higher than most aerobic exercises. For instance, the average woman can burn 12.3 calories per minute.

7. Incorporates the Paleo Diet

Combining CrossFit with the Paleo diet because it provides a sufficient amount of nourishment without leaving you feeling hungry. Because heavy focus is placed on gains, the addition of amino acids and lean proteins contribute to the building of muscles.

8. CrossFit is Not Location Specific

One of the many benefits of this that it can be done in a gym, outside or at home and be customized to suit your individual needs and lifestyle. Workouts can be completed without the use of special equipment and completed merely by bodyweight.

9. Workouts are Never Boring

A basic routine may involve a round of deadlifts, a 5k run, gymnastic moves or even lifting a 300 pound tire. The workouts are routinely changed and fresh, making them more interesting. Some feel that the variety in workouts are physically challenging and give some a reason to look forward to a fresh new workout.

10. Opportunities to Compete

For those CrossFit enthusiasts that are ready for the next level, there are a barrage of events and competitions held throughout the United States and abroad like the annual CrossFit Open Games. CrossFit is designed to challenge one’s strengths and weaknesses. Although controversy continues to surround this workout regimen, its popularity remains at the forefront of high-intensity workouts.