The 4 Best or Free Places to Workout
Your fitness is important to you and you have a right to be fit and healthy without breaking the bank. An expensive gym membership isn’t right for everyone’s fitness plan, especially when you basically end up paying for a large variety of machines and amenities, and some you won’t ever use. Here are four free or cheap lifehack alternatives to a gym.

1. Neighborhood Park or Play Equipment
This is the best and free alternative to a gym. A lot of fitness gurus have already taken advantage of this great lifehack. Many local parks have play equipment very similar to simple machines found at a gym. You can find pull-up bars, benches for step-ups, body rows on ladders, and hanging knee tucks on monkey bars. Parks are meant to withstand wear and tear from weather and will remain clean and available for you to use. Don’t worry about being judged for working out in a children’s play area as you may find others using the equipment with you.

2. Community College Gym
If you are a student at a community college, you are already technically pay for a gym membership with your tuition money. Your community college allows you to use their gym room, equipment, and field track for free and whenever you like during school hours. Some community colleges have a variety of machines and weights for you to use just like at a commercial gym. Even if you aren’t attending community college and you’re going to a university or state college, they still allow you to use their gym room as part of your tuition. You’re already paying for it, why not take advantage?

3. $10 Gyms
You may think that paying a premium price upwards of $30 a month for a gym is necessary because of the great perks and round the clock hours, but you will be surprised to discover that there are a lot of great local gyms with only $10 monthly membership fees. That’s it, just $10. Many of these $10 gyms aren’t open 24/7 but still have nice long regular business hours. They also have 80% of the equipment you can find at big expensive gyms, and most of them are popular machines to ensure your monthly subscription fee isn’t going into machines you will never use.

4. Workout Buddy’s Membership
If you still aren’t looking to sign up for your own gym membership, ask your friends if they are a part of a gym that allows them to take a single gym buddy along with them. With this method, you don’t have to spend a single dime and you get the benefit of working out with a friend.

Try out the cheap tips and tricks on this list to fit your workout routine. Everyone’s different when it comes to exercise and working out, but it’s also important to do it on a budget.