Have you ever gone inside of a grocery store, stumbled upon the magazine section and found yourself looking at the covers of health and wellness magazines? You were probably taken aback by how lean and muscular magazine cover models look as they pose on the front of health magazines. Many people assume that models are ordinary individuals who just watch what they eat and hit the gym every day or so. This is far from the truth. Fitness models are essentially paid to be lean, muscular and ripped models year round. Their entire lifestyle is centered around health and being able to compete in a wide variety of modeling competitions and book numerous photoshoots every year. Everything that a model does is precise and calculated such as food preparation, workout routines and recovery. If you think you have what it takes to become a fitness model, here are some things to consider.

Are you ready to diet year round
While you think you can get away with eating out at major fast food chains and chug back beers over the weekend, models are completely dedicated to their diet year round. That means that there is little variance in what they eat and often do not eat food that isn’t prepared at home. Furthermore, they are cutting back on both fat and carbohydrates, eating a relatively green and protein-heavy diet.

Are you prepared to workout everyday?
So you might hit the gym a couple of times a week. You’ll do your basic compound lifts, a few cable exercises, do some cardio and then go home. Fitness models on the other hand virtually workout five to six times a week. Some even go as far as working out twice a day and only allow themselves one to two days of recovery. Their workouts are highly structured and they are masters of progressive overload and periodization. They often follow well-detailed workout plans that have been vetted by veteran training experts. Your 30 minutes of cardio pales in comparison to what models do. Before competitions and photoshoots, their cardio training primarily consists of a combination of moderate intensity steady state cardio and high intensity interval training.

Are you prepared to re-engineer your entire lifestyle?
So you are willing to change your diet to be more strict and clean and you are willing to follow a more aggressive training program; the question is are you prepared to totally change other elements of your lifestyle? In order to achieve super-leanness and muscularity, models ensure that they are sleeping eight to nine hours of night, even on the weekends. That means saying no to staying up late. Are you the party type? Get ready to say no to your friends when they want to hit a club or bar.
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