Dance your way to Fitness and Good Health
What is Zumba? Zumba is a popular, energetic hour long fitness class, where participants dance to fun, fast paced music and burn calories without even realizing it. Anyone, from all ages and fitness levels can participate, so it is a great workout for beginners and beyond. Anyone from children to Moms can do Zumba, it is a great cardio workout for all.

Dancing to Latin music under the help of an instructor allows participants to burn approximately 370 calories an hour. This fitness class feels more like fun that working out, which is one of the reasons for its extreme popularity.

This workout allows participants to lose weight extremely quickly. Anyone, from those who need to lose extreme amounts of weight, or even new moms who need to shed a few pounds can participate in this exciting fitness class, and expect to lose around 2 pounds a month with 3 fitness classes per week.

The high energy classes utilize the tagline “Ditch the Workout, Join the Party.” No rhythm is required to keep up with the workout, and you don’t have to memorize or be efficient at dance steps.

This workout targets many areas of the body over the course of the hour. Core, legs, and glutes are all utilized in this fun routine to deliver results quickly. The core is strengthened, and the jumps and lunges that are incorporated into the routine are excellent at strengthening legs. The glutes will also be targeting while dancing.

This dance routine can either be done in a class format, or participants can purchase DVD’s to do at home for a more private experience while getting the same benefits. No equipment is required, and it’s safe, fun and effective.

In addition to helping participants lose weight, this workout also provides cardio health benefits that lower risk of heart disease. It also can help blood sugars reduce in diabetic participants.